FotoCredits: Nikki Harris Studio, Vienna

Creating value in a life with apps and bots!

Hi, I am iSA., Isabella Andric, a cultural scientist living and working in Vienna. I started my professional career in telecommunications and IT - a digital pioneer since 1998. ;D

Are you prepared for the raising challenges - the new places of life, education and work?


  Digitization - Workshop 23 June 2017  
• the digitized world and its values
• cultural changes through digitization
• impact, opportunities and challenges 
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  Runtastic Into A SuperBetter Life  
• World of Games 360°, Danube University Krems
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Big banging with web & tech everyday new,
opening the black box culture and d
eveloping gamified systems.

better living, working & learning

How do you live, learn and work in a modern life? Culturally, personally?

I am managing the cultural and social integration of digital media, apps and bots into life, learning and working - led through values, innovation and creativity.

viral strategies & entertainment

How do you create engaging content and foster communities?

I am developing entertaining strategies for learning, advertising and social change - creative content and a playful approach to reach and build your community

helfpul UX & gamified systems

Need a (loving to play) digital media integration expert? 

I am researching social values and designing the value proposition of apps or bots - creating engaging user experiences for your target group and community.