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Digital Products & Digital Services 
From Idea To Fulfillment And Go-to-Market

project agreements & consultancy
Fully tailored: to your needs and as-is-situation
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coCREATE // Digital Products & Services

Business Consultancy & Project Agreements 

Values For Your Innovations

Do you have already an idea or innovation for your digital business? If yes, do you know the motivations triggers of your users (B2C) and the value proposition chain (B2B)? I am looking forward to work with your on your digital products and services - defining motivation triggers, online needs and online behaviour of your target groups - to create value and a powerful user experience (UX).

3 Steps To A Professional Realisation

I offer professional project management, national and international, for the realisation of your digital products and services: Starting with a (1) feasibility and market study in the first step, (2) requirements and rapid prototyping in a next step, and finally managing the (3) fulfillment with designers, developers and engineers on time and on budget.

And Next: Go-To-Market

Benefit from my experience and know-how in digital marketing to develop strategies for

  1. Social design and service design, considering user and customer journey 
  2. Conversion and engagement through viral campaigns, content and community marketing
  3. Websites, SEO, SEA, eCommerce, social media and more

In addition to my services I provide an expert network of designer, developer, content creator, social media manager, blogger, photographer, video producer etc.

The digital world is full of keywords, #hashtags, apps 'n bots. INNOVATE!
Contact me now. I am looking forward working with you.

7 Reasons To Work With iSA.

🗸 started working in IT and ICT 1998
🗸 expert for social networks and viral marketing
🗸 web-teach-head providing insights
🗸 senior-network of experts from IT and ICT

🗸 creative and innovative mind
🗸 inspiring, smart & ambitious
🗸 just different 🙂



With iSA. On The Way

Research Game
// 2nd Place
for #AI
Innovation & Idea Pitching
@netidee and WhatAVenture, 2015
Research Paper
// Runtastic
Into A Super-Better Life
Danube University Krems. Co-Author "Welt der Spiele 360°. 2017

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