Product Management & Digital Marketing

Product, Content & Community
It can be easy: create news, create value and connect fans. Or: Look funny, look good and look intelligent. Which approach works better and why? 

Viral = Aligning With Algorithms
Align your digital marketing activities with the algorithms of Facebook or Google. Let them work for you. Let me work for you.

What do you want to reach?

🗸 Start successful with social media 
🗸 Create engaging and viral content
🗸 Improve KPIs (website, fanpage...)
🗸 Sell products and services online
🗸 Learn more on algorithms
🗸 Realize digital products & services
🗸 Become #1 at Google 

GO VIRAL! // Product, Content & Community

Business Consultancy, Strategies & Competence Transfer

Creating viral products, campaigns and engaging content works best when considering different prospects from positive psychology, motivation behaviour and community marketing, as well as the design of algorithms in social networks. My offer:

Business Consultancy For Your Product Management

  • Culture-specific knowledge for the development of products, content and communities: storytelling, visual culture, language use, metaphors & humor, etc.
  • Know-how on social networks, user behaviour and motivation triggers for the successful application of algorithms to content marketing

Product, Content & Creation In A Workshop

  • Develop innovative products and services and define viral strategies
  • Create  effective strategies for content and media mix (competitions, videos, storytelling ...) 

Community Goes Viral! Strategy Paper

  • Researching and mapping online activities of your target group
  • Identifying your influencer and multiplier
  • Creating strategies for user-generated campaigns
  • Gamified and viral strategies to raise brand awareness and engagement

The digital world is full of keywords, #hashtags, bots and social networks - full of algorithms. Contact me for a strategy tailored to your needs and loved by algorithms! 🙂


Content & Community Since 2010

Reference from Al Young - Thesmartclub Ltd, Chairman & Managing Director
"I was fortunate enough to engage with Isabella Andric in connection with the smart times 2010 event in Austria. As an international Club, it was key that I, and my Members, had access to the best online information and communications regarding this prestigious event. Isabella not only provided superb, proactive communications across a range of social media channels leading up to the launch, but she also provided and coordinated us with a ‘Tech-talk Forum'. This was an innovative yet highly effective additional platform enabling smart car owners and enthusiasts around the world to hear from, and engage with, a number of key figures from the smart related world – I was privileged to be part of that Forum and be actively engaged with Isabella in the communications at that time."

smart (Daimler AG, lautstark)
Strategies for Content & Community

Thesmartclub Ltd is the world's largest independent club for smart car owners and enthusiasts. The 'Tech-talk" was a series of live events via Facebook for the international community of smart fans in 2010.

7 Reasons for iSA.DIGITAL

🗸 started working in IT and ICT in 1998
🗸 expert for social networks and online communication

🗸 web-teach-head offering insights & know-how
🗸 professional network for SEO, content creation etc.
🗸 creative and innovative mind

🗸 inspiring, smart & ambitious
🗸 just different! 🙂

Are you interested into my services and know-how? Contact me for an offer tailored to your needs. I am looking forward to it.