Managing Diversity &
Digital Transformation

"Technology is society made durable."
- Bruno Latour, 1991

Emerging Technologies
Transforming Organizations, Learning & Life

// coWORK
Corporate Culture & Digital Transformation
Products & Services In A Digital World
// coLEARN
Digital Learning Strategies & Courses
// coEXIST
Cultural Intelligence In A Digital World

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Expertise & Know-how of Isabella Andric (iSA.DIGITAL)

I started working in IT and ICT in 1998 - a digital pioneer with working experience in international start-ups and projects. Contact me if you need know-how, tools and strategies for the realisation of your digital products, digital services and/or digital business idea.

Project Management

// going-live of digital products & services

  • communication interface to your departments and suppliers, national and international
  • designing digital products and digital services for user needs, values and habits
  • feasibility studies and requirements management for the successful realisation

Product & Service Design

// design of innovations

  • workshops to design ideas for digital products or digital services 
  • providing know-how and insights to the digital market and business models
  • digital marketing strategies from SEO to display marketing, social media & community

Socio-Cultural Research

// researching the black-box culture 

  • social values and value-specific frameworks, e.g. culture of innovation, culture of trust 
  • attributes of culture, e.g. visual culture, language use, storytelling, humor & metaphors
  • intersection of socio-cultural values and emerging technologies (social computing)