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Workshop on Cultural Intelligence,
Values & Openness In A Digital World
Next Workshop: 17 Nov 2017
Facilitation: approx. 5hrs
Hands-on Approach: simulation on meta-level
Workshop Languages: German or English
Optional: in-house for organizations

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Member Of SIETAR
Society for Intercultural Education & Training



coEXIST // You & Me In A Digital World

Workshop for anyone who is interested into digital transformation and diversity.

Win Cultural Intelligence & Openness

  • Understand cultural identity, attributes of cultures and cultural integration processes
  • Develop sensitivity for diversity, openness and communication competencies 
  • Create your own concept of digital transformation and digital values

Discover Diverse Pictures Of A Digital World

Create your own and individual picture of digital transformation and digital culture in this workshop. Raise your own understanding of cultural differences, cultural identity and value management. Develop cultural intelligence and understanding for values and diversity in a short time. Expect the unexpected!

Simulating Culture With SEE IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!®

SEE IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!® is a simulation game that creates effective and positive intercultural scenarios on meta-level. Abstract visual cards enable an entertaining and creative workshop setting. The game was developed together with the Visual Studies of the University of Vienna and funded for innovation and creation (FFG, aws).

What Others Say

A great approach! The playful use of images results in a highly creative and dynamic learning process. The game structure offers flexibility for the use of diverse issues and theories as well as a new way in intercultural education: It is less about multicultural education and more about the ways we develop culture.

Dr. Sabine Aydt | Intercultural Researcher
Lecturer @Danube University Krems

"I learned in the workshop from iSA. in a few hours more than in a whole year."
"Surprisingly different! Inspiring and entertaining!"
"A great lecturer - structured, effective, entertaining, hands-on."
"Top, state-of-the art!"

Intercultural Beginner
Participants In Workshops

Transfering intercultural theories to students can be an uninspiring job. SEE IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!® is a dynamic and effective approach to develop intercultural competencies and a perfect entry into it.

Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas | SIETAR Member Of Board
Lecturer @University of Applied Sciences Vienna

Contact me for further information on the next workshop in November 2017. If you are interested in a offer tailored to your needs, please contact me as well. I am looking forward to it.


  • Insights Into Culture & Values
    SEE IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!® is a simulation game based on an abstract visual card system. This framework enables cultural experiences and insights for anyone on a meta-level, hands-on.
  • Innovation In Research
    SEE IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!® was developed together with the Visual Studies from the University of Vienna and funded by the Austrian government for innovation and creation (FFG, aws). It is used in research labs, corporate trainings and university lectures since 2014.
  • The Main Benefit: Productivity
    The facilitation of the basic workshop needs only 4hrs, depending from the number of participants. Included: a creative and entertaining setting and productivity.



7 Reasons for iSA.

🗸 started working in IT and ICT in 1998
🗸 expert for digital culture and communication
🗸 university lecturer for intercultural communication  
🗸 researching on socio-cultural values
🗸 creative and innovative mind
🗸 inspiring, smart & ambitious
🗸 just different

Interested in my workshops on cultural intelligence? Contact me for information or an offer tailored to your needs.