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Corporate Values, Leadership &
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Gamification Know-how

Benefit from my know-how to develop learning games and gamified systems for the culture change in your organization.





coWORK // Corporate Values Change

Custom Programs & Gamified Systems For Culture Change

Ready To Be Transformed?

How can you successfully prepare your organization to to the challenges of digitization - the digital transformation? Do you know how key converging technologies will shape our future, the future of your oganisation and your employees? Adapt your corporate values and leadership skills to the future world.

The Cultural Lens Of Digital Transformation

Diversity is a strong influence in sculpting the organizations of today and more important: the organizations of tomorrow. How do we collaborate and connect in a digital world and how can we improve? Can we build a culture of trust, culture of innovation, ... to be prepared for the digital transformation when coming to the point of singularity? 

Programs Aligned With Your Corporate Values

  • Diversity & Corporate Value Design In A Digital World
    for your executive management to understand the management of values, e.g. culture of innovation, culture of trust, ... and the implementation in a diverse organization
  • Mindsets Of New Work & Digital Transformation
    for your human ressource department and employees to gain awareness and sensibility for digital transformation, the new work order and the upcoming challenges
  • Leadership & Team Development In A Disruptive World
    for team building and team development customed to your corporate values and the principles of connected leadership - from connectivity to singularity and motivation

Culture Change Leads Any Digital Transformation Action

Culture Change is critically important for a successful digital transformation. Adopting new processes, new ways of working and new technologies works best with a positive and open mindset. Leave with new perspectives, learnings and actionabe steps to create the needed cultural change and empower your employees in a positive way.

What Others Say

"Banking institutions, and many other organizations and business sectors, face a profound cultural change driven by digital transformation. Managers are, more than ever, challenged to regularly monitor collaboration between constantly changing teams whilst simultaneously looking at consolidation. The best way to achieve this in a team is through an interactive discourse on culture and values. Our workshop used the competencies and innovative tools from iSA. generating a highly positive response. iSA. offers a unique approach, tailored to our related corporate cultural values – playful, engaging, time efficient structured and, at the same time, deriving strong, psychological impact. I can only recommend it!"

ING-DiBa Austria, Dr. Francesca Guidetti
Head of Brand & Product Communication

Diversity is the key to success and innovation in the age of digital transformation. Contact me. I am looking forward to it. 

Simulation Game

  • Culture Change & Value Management 
    SEE IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!® is a simulation game based on an abstract visual card system. This framework enables cultural experiences and insights for anyone on a meta-level, hands-on.
  • Innovation & Research
    SEE IT! DO IT! FEEL IT!® was developed together with the Visual Studies from the University of Vienna and funded by the Austrian government for innovation and creation (FFG, aws). It is used in research labs, corporate trainings and university lectures since 2014.
  • The Main Benefit: Productivity
    The facilitation of the basic workshop needs only 4hrs, depending from the number of participants. Included: a creative and entertaining setting and productivity.



7 Reasons To Work With iSA.

🗸 started working in IT and ICT in 1998
🗸 expert for diversity and value management
🗸 university lecturer on culture & diversity  
🗸 researcher on socio-cultural values
🗸 creative and innovative mind

🗸 inspiring, smart & ambitious
🗸 just different 🙂

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