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iSA.DIGITAL, Isabella Andric

FotoCredits: Nikki Harris Studio, Vienna

My Services

Digital Transformation on Cultural Level 

Creating openness and a positive attitude to the integration of apps, bots and artificial intelligence in your organisation to establish culture change and improve working performance 

Gamification for User Engagement

Gamified concepts and strategies that engage your customers, employees and/or users through positive psychology in an entertaining way to improve organizational change or productivity, learning outcomes and more

Digital Products from Idea to Go-to-market

Realisation of innovative products and services in a digital world to win new target groups

I have been working in IT and ICT since 1998. I am a digital pioneer with working experience in international companies, projects and start-ups. For the last seven years my customers have been global organisations, NGOs, entrepreneurs and SMEs. Contact me in English, German or Serbian. I am looking forward to it.